The Automotive Transmission Low Gear One-way
Clutch replaces sprag clutches in front-wheel-drive
automatic transmissions. To install the MD, the
Overdrive Drum Assembly, which contains the
Low Gear One-way Clutch, is replaced by and
assembly that contains the Epilogics MD
Reognized as the high torque replacement
component for conventional sprags used in
mid-sized sedans. Excels in transmissions
coupled with super high output engines.
A 4.818 in / 122.4 mm
B 2.531 in / 64.3 mm
C 0.714 in / 18.1 mm

Outer Connection
58 Tooth..........12/24 Pitch Spline

Inner Connection
E-Beam weld to drum

Rated Torque
460 lb-ft.........624 N-m

Max Torque
1,150 lb-ft..........1,559 N-m

Max Overrun Speed
8,000 rpm

Part Number

May be customized to meet customer
specification. Currently available
from Epilogics, Inc.
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